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Does your pet have bad breath? While you shouldn’t expect your furry friend to have minty fresh breath 24/7, you probably don’t want to be on the verge of tears whenever he/she comes up to say hello! Dental health is an important factor in maintaining your pet’s overall health. Dental health issues can cause pain … Continued


Our team performs thousands of desexing surgeries every year. All surgeries are performed in our purpose-built theatre where patients receive technological and nurse monitoring as well as pain relief during surgery and post-operative. Your pet will receive the highest standard of care at the Huon Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Check ups and Consultations

The most important component of your pet’s healthcare is a regular check up. All pet parents should bring their animals in for an annual wellness exam. This is important, not only because it ensures a more proactive form of care so that possible illnesses can be dealt with before they become critical and also because … Continued

Admission and Discharge of Your Pet

Admission If your pet is booked in for surgery please follows these guidelines: Dogs and Cats cannot have food after 6 pm the night before, water is ok. Young puppies and kittens can be fed a small meal at 10 pm. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are to be feed as normal. Please time your pet’s … Continued

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing is an essential tool for helping to catch various conditions in your pet before they become serious illnesses. We rely on lab testing to tell us what our pets cannot and find out what is wrong. Laboratory diagnostics help us evaluate their condition and determine any problems. Our laboratory diagnostics help us to … Continued

Nutritional Information

Feeding an optimal diet will prevent many health problems in your companion and helps to ensure that they live a long and healthy life. Skin and ear disease as well as more serious conditions such as metabolic diseases, arthritis and obesity can be controlled through proper nutrition.

Parasite treatment

The Huon Valley Veterinary Hospital offers total parasite treatments for all pets. Prevention is the best approach!


Why should you get your pet vaccinated? For the cost of a yearly vaccination you are protecting your pet against potentially fatal diseases such as Canine Parvovirus and Feline Calicivirus. Vaccinations have been successfully protecting our pets in Australia since the 1960’s. Regular boosters are necessary to continue this protection for life. Without regular booster … Continued

Saying Goodbye

Deciding when is the “right time” to let your pet go is always difficult. A natural death may mean prolonged suffering that we don’t always see, because dogs and cats are far more stoic than humans when it comes to pain. Our staff are advocates for animals and will help guide you in the decision. … Continued


In Tasmania, compulsory microchipping of dogs took effect from 1 July, 2011. From this date all dogs over six months of age must be microchipped and registered with a council. If your dog is not microchipped an infringement fine of up to $1,200 may be enforced. If your dog strays or is lost, the council … Continued


Because Huon Valley Veterinary Hospital is aligned with other established and practices in Southern Tasmania, we have resources to provide referral to veterinary specialists for complex medical and surgical conditions. Ultimately, it is always up to you to decide if you wish to proceed with a specialist consultation or advanced diagnostics for your pet.  We … Continued